Supporting the development

  • This software looks very promising but how can we support it's development? I think you should add a donation button to your site.

  • Thanks for asking this. After two years of initial development I thought now it is time to have a selection of people who use other samplers regularly check out this system in order to get it "peer reviewed" - reporting bugs and crashes, make performance benchmarks, give feedback about workflow annoyances or feature requests that they are missing at other samplers.

    So by doing one of these things (which you already started) you are helping me to drive the development of this project up to the point where it can be distributed to a larger public.

    About the financial support: This won't be an MIT licenced open source project but (similar to the JUCE model) a GPL framework with commercial licences available, combined with some closed source parts (I am thinking of making the HISE player closed source to allow stuff like encrypting patches and basic copy protection).

    So in the long run, I expect this project to yield some income through licening fees, but in this development state, adding a donation button would neither speed up things (I am already putting every free minute into this project) nor would it lead to privileged feature requests. If a feature seems to be useful for the general application I will implement it as soon as its reasonable. But if you need a custom module for a unique use case or something like that, we can still talk about to some contract work for implementing this.

    But I might reconsider the donation button once its actually published

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