Tutorial pages on website giving error

  • Trying to go to the tutorial pages on the hise.audio website gives me the error :

    stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found in /var/www/web93/html/hise/manual/Tutorial1.php on line 5

  • Yep those links are broken it seems. But those tutorials are really out of date now, try the docs instead - https://docs.hise.audio/tutorials/index.html

  • @d-healey you may want to remove those on the website or relink them to the appropriate destination, as I was coming back to HISE to evaluate using it to develop a new project I am working on and when I went to those immediately I found it concerning. I also went to the documentation and clicked the email link near the beginning of the commercial license page to try and reach out and ask about a commercial license and it took me back to hise.audio

    I am genuinely interested in pursuing HISE for some professional products right now, I'm doing test patches and working on setting up the development toolchain and going through the process of compiling (though I may need to update to catalina as mojave isn't letting me update my xcode to a working version, when I export the HISE projucer xcode says I need to install additonal components and then I get an error when I click install, so I need to do some xcode related troubleshooting..). I am actually wondering about that being critical to exporting from HISE, it seems like its doing command-line compiling in the 5 min video on the front page..

  • It's not my site...

  • @d-healey The drawback of being a legend Dave 😛

  • @d-healey said in Tutorial pages on website giving error:

    It's not my site...

    yeah come on Dave - admit it "Christoph Hart" is just some fancy pseudonym for your alter-ego isnt it?

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