Allow decimal point for GUI pixel values / placement

  • Retina graphics are turning out to be a pain to do because there's many half-pixel positions needed when placing GUI objects after down scaling.

    If JUCE allows for sub-pixel placement of graphics, please allow it.

    Edit: Oh it's not the problem of doing retina graphics, it's the result of a 3d rendered GUI

  • It is an issue with retina - doesn't matter how you render stuff... if it's aligned in the render, there shouldn't be a reason it can't be aligned in anything else when you chop it up...

    You theoretically need to make sure ALL x/y pixel values are in even numbers, otherwise when building at 50% size with the intention of having it up-scale on retina, you can't place something at e.t. 35.5px, so it ends up being at 71px on the full scale

    I should have thought about that when designing - but working in even numbers isn't something you really think about before realizing its a problem, especially as many designers won't know a lot about programming, and will just "design" so it would be nice to be able to build in full size somehow, and then have HISE render it down to 50%... is this doable?

  • I might have the solution with the new HISE user interface I am working on right now - it will allow to zoom in the scripted interface along with other nice UX enhancements. Then you can go 200% and move the pixels around as you like...

    But I recommend trying to avoid sub pixel positions for 50% size since it will blur the non retina version.

  • Yeah I thought as much about the blurring - just gotta work out a decent way to slice and chop everything up always in even numbers

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