Pitch audio loop player

  • Hello ,
    I wanted to know how to be precise on the pitch of the audio loop player please? I explain. I would just like to be able to assign a rotary button on the pitch (constant 1 in pitch) but in a precise way. + 1/2 ton + 1 ton + 1.5 ton. - 1/2 ton - 1 ton etc ... my problem is that the pitch is set from -12 to 12 and that to have 1/2 perfect tone my button must be in stages of 0.08666666 .I don't know if I explained that well 🙂 Thank you

  • @yall To convert semi-tones to cents just divide by 100. That help?

  • @d-healey yes but on the button after it does not match. I get +0.96 +1.04. I tried to make 25 position buttons. -12. 0 +12. same problem . impossible to be precise

  • I'm not familiar with the Audio Loop Player, what do you use to control the pitch?

    Oh I just re-read your post, you're using a pitch modulator, not directly related to the audio loop player.

    So what you want is the label to be pretty instead of being +-1, correct?

  • @d-healey I use the pitch tab in the audio loop player module and I add voice start> constant. then I use the intensity of the pitch which is between -12 and +12

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  • @d-healey thanks u, i will try later. Im on m'y phone

  • @d-healey I had done this manipulation but it does not give what I want. I would like it to be in +/- 0.5 steps. I have recreated a button with 5 positions and same problem. other solution . is it possible to create a combobox with a list +0.5, 1, 1.5 ....... and have it assigned to this pitch?

  • The only way to do that is with an array of values. Like this: https://forum.hise.audio/topic/1976/slider-value-display-customisation/5

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