my first plugin :) (that doesn't suck)

  • Hey pals! Here's a cheeky demo of a plugin i'm finishing up, just want to show how flexible HISE is and how someone like me with very little scripting knowledge can make something fun:

    it's sort of a vocal channel strip? using a combination of default modules and scriptnode:

    drive: 2 custom shapeFX curves
    shape: basic EQ stuff that I find myself using a lot, reduced to 2 knobs
    air: scriptnode LWR filters with compression on the high frequencies
    comp: 1176-ish style compression (very fast attack+release with fixed ratios, when combined with drive it can get pretty close to the VMR one)

    GUI made entirely in Blender (free) with quixel textures (not free) and using an online sprite sheet generator

    if people want to download the vst dll (windows) to play with it let me know, sounds cool on drums (drive+compression), and acoustic guitar (air module, no drive/compression)

    and yes that is steven slate singing 😉

    thanks to everyone who helped out with my questions about stuff, and to Christoph for making something so great! can't wait to dive into SNEX 2.0 and properly get into scriptnode

    now time to save for a commercial license 😃

  • Looking good

  • @dustbro thank you man! always been a fan of your stuff so excited to see what you come up with hise 😉

  • You can develop audio effects with hise now????

  • @MacroMachines Nothing new there 😉

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