Invert filmstrip option for GUI objects

  • My button is reversed, on is 0, off is 1. Please add a feature to reverse film strip.

  • I am currently writing an extensive documentation of the ScriptPanel including most of your requests as example. This should give you the tool to build this yourself.

    I'd like to limit adding more properties to the hardcoded elements as much as possible because it clutters the interface designer for 99% of all cases.

  • Use the value 1-buttonValue within your script to flip it, been doing this in Kontakt for years. Or open the image in an editor and swap them over, should only take 5 minutes

  • "been doing this in Kontakt for years"

    lol yeah, that's exactly my point.

    "should only take 5 minutes"

    how many 5 minutes will it require? over everyone getting this problem? over every image encountered?

    how many 5 minutes will it take to add a feature in HISE source code?

    Why should anyone have to remember which state on or off comes first for a button image?

    What if you have to remember on/off/hover/click/etc? The problem becomes exponentially worse.

  • Well I have a template file I use when I create buttons that has all the states labelled on separate layers so it's never an issue. The only time I do the 1- trick is when I'm getting graphics from someone else and it's not really a big deal for me. I would be handy to have a flip feature I guess but I don't think it's going to be a deal breaker for most people - especially if they're coming from a Kontakt background

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