Scriptnode build fail with custom cpp enabled

  • Hi all, I'm trying to recompile HISE scriptnode after following the instructions to enable custom cpp, that is:

    1. in HISE, setting the path to a folder where custom cpp modules will be stored
    2. in Projucer, in hi_modules: HI_ENABLE_CUSTOM_NODE_LOCATION -> Enabled
    3. in my project, exported the scriptnode module as custom cpp class (maybe I should have chosen project cpp class o base64? I'm no expert...)
    4. recompiled HISE, obtaining this error:
    template <class T> void setInternalModulationParameter(T* modObject, const DspHelpers::ParameterCallback& f)

    /Users/ale/Documents/SOFTWARE PER INSTALLAZIONE HISE/HISE-develop_LATEST_WORKING/hi_scripting/scripting/scriptnode/api/StaticNodeWrappers.h:425:14: No member named 'setCallback' in 'scriptnode::bypass::yes<scriptnode::wrap::modscriptnode::core::peak, true>'

    Any suggestions on how to solve this issue?
    Thanks a lot!

    This is the Projucer page :
    ![alt text](Schermata 2020-04-28 alle 13.43.37.png image url)

  • @alepan Some nodes fail to be exported, like the core.jit for instance, and probably other...
    Try first with just a gain node inside a chain to test if it works.
    If you succeed with this setup, but not with other nodes, you got your answer.
    And since everything is being rewritten, you gotta wait for the release of the new version to make it work

    Currently, I don't export custom nodes anymore until the next release.
    If you need the same chain several times in your graph, you can copy/paste

  • @ustk Ok, that's probably the reason, as I exported a container with a lot of thingies insiede... Well, I'll wait for the new version then!

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