The system cannot find the path specified

  • Hey guys.
    I'm trying to install HISE since yesterday and I'm having no luck making it fully functional.
    It was installed in my pc for a few days, but yesterday when I've tried to compile my instrument, it didn't even started compiling acusing "VST SDK is missing".
    Then I've fixed this problem and got another.

    So today I got to the Github HISE page and downloaded the source and the SDKs. Extracted the sdk folders in Tools/SDK.
    Opened PROJUCER and disabled IPP.
    Changed the VST Multichannel Release from 8 to 16 channels and compiled.
    Then I opened the vst version of HISE, got to Preferences and changed the HISE path to the folder I've just download and used to compile.

    The vst runs fine but when I try to compile my instrument I've got the message in DOS "The system cannot find the path specified"
    I did some searching and saw that other people had similar problems but the solving wasn't very clear or didn't work for me.

    Last year I was messing around with HISE and I could compile my instruments with it. Now I've spent a lot of hours trying to fix this but I'm stuck. Any help is much appreciated.

  • @maurodechen Could you make a screencapture video of you trying to export an instrument so I can see what you're seeing?

  • @d-healey


    It's in portugues but means

    "The system cannot find the path specified
    Press any key to continue"

  • Try using the standalone version of HISE instead of the plugin. I don't think it should make a difference, but I always use the standalone. Also could you post a screenshot of the HISE path you've set in the project preferences?

  • @d-healey I'm trying to use the vst version cause I want to export with 16 channels, but I'll try to compile the standalone version again.

    But there's something that isn't very clear to me. In the Github page, you get the links to download the SDKs, but HISE comes with a zip (which I know the password) which seems to be the SDKs. There's any difference? What is better?


  • There is no difference between the SDKs as fas as I know. I always use the one from the zip though.

    You can export multiple channels from the standalone version also I think, they just won't show up in the standalone version.

    The HISE path looks pretty clear, if it's on your desktop in that folder then I don't think there is anything wrong there. Are you able to export a standalone app?

  • @d-healey Solved. I was compiling using VS 2019.
    Looking at my print the "Compiler Settings" only shows VS 15 and 17 available.
    Installed 2017 and now I can export my instrument.
    I'm sorry for that. I knew from the beginning that it probably was something very dumb that was causing the error... Anyway, thank you for your help!

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