Autocomplete not working for me ?

  • I am following this
    Or more precisely this

    "Start to type SineW... in the onInit -script and hit [Escape]. Select the full variable-name SineWaveGenerator1 with the [Down Arrow] and [Enter] or click. When you now append a . (dot) and hit [Escape] again, you'll see a list of all available API methods and attributes/parameters of the Module in the Autocomplete Popup ."

    When I type SineW and hit Esc , nothing happens , also when i type SineWaveGenerator1 and append a dot I dont get the API popup ?

    I am literally stuck on the first sentence of the tutorial , lol!
    Has something changed since this tutorial was done or what could I be doing wrong ?

    I do get the API popup when I hit ESC on an empty space in the script editor.

  • @lalalandsynth Do you have a SineWaveGenerator1 module declared in your script?
    Has the script been recompiled so Hise knows the module exists and is declared?

  • Yes. This what it looks like at the moment.

    const var SineWaveGenerator1 = Synth.getChildSynth("Sine Wave Generator1");
    // Get and print Octave Transpose Value.
    Console.print ("OctaveTranspose: " + SineWaveGenerator1.getAttribute(SineWaveGenerator1.OctaveTranspose));
    // Set the Octave Transpose Value.
    SineWaveGenerator1.setAttribute (SineWaveGenerator1.OctaveTranspose, 3 );

  • You have to compile your script after declaring the variable for the auto-complete to work. Does that solve it?

  • Looks like it , sry , stupid mistake 🙂

  • @lalalandsynth Not stupid, not obvious solution either 🙂

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