ScriptPanel and plugin parameter

  • There's something I don't understand here.
    All my controls (except three) are script panels. They have a PluginParameterName and enableMidiLearn true.
    But none of them shows up in the DAW except the 3 script sliders.
    Tested AU/VST/AAX in Ableton and ProTools

    Does it mean using a script knob in parallel is mandatory or is it a bug no one ever noticed 🙄

  • What do you mean by in parallel?

  • @d-healey A while ago, @Christoph-Hart told me it's easier to place a ghost knob in your script panel with an empty filmstrip, so instead of using a mouse CB, it's in fact the knob that is used. Then you update the panel with the normalized value.
    It's cool for dealing with different ranges of values (freq, gain, %,...), and the parameters are visible in DAWs
    But in my case it's not the solution I retained (except for 3 knobs) because everything is scriptnode made, so parameters are 0-1 based. The drawback now is that I don't see them in DAWs which is awkward...

    If it's normal behavior then I need to go back to the ghost knob solution
    That's what Christoph have done in Hexeract

  • Oh I don't know anything about scriptnode so it could be a bug.

  • @d-healey no no, it has nothing to do with scriptnode
    I am just talking about the main interface parameters
    Behind the scene, they are controlling scriptnode but it could have been modules...

  • @ustk Ok, so what do you mean by "using a script knob in parallel" ? Does this mean the invisible knob technique?

  • @d-healey That's what the technique I described above is all about 😉

  • The knob becomes the main UI control, the script panel is just here for display purpose
    I said parallel but it might not be the good term, I prefer ghost now... Can I change? 😁

  • Just want to add that in this scenario the knob holds the midi learn and plugin parameter...

  • I've used that technique too, so it should work. Do you have a minimal example snippet?

  • @d-healey I'm not in front of my computer...
    But I know this technique works, I just don't understand why it doesn't when using a panel alone. It's invisible for the DAW...

  • @ustk That's why I'm waiting so much for slider lookAndFeel function. If I modify all my parameters now I will have to do it again knowing that my plugin is 98% done...
    With this slider LAF, no more panel will be needed! That would be a killer...

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