How to programatically access script attributes?

  • I have a script with 3 knobs. knb1, knb2, knb3. I would like to access these controls from another script in order to set their values. I know I can access them by index, but let's say I don't know the index I just know the name. How could I set the correct control to the correct value?

    Here are somethings I tried that didn't work.

    script.setAttribute("script." + knb1, 50);
    script.setAttribute(exec("script." + knb1), 50);
    script.setAttribute(script["knb1"], 50);

    This is a simplified example of my project. The reason I'd like to do it this way is because I want to set the attributes of several scripts within a loop and I may not always want to set all of the scripts attributes, only some of them, so I can't just iterate through all of the indexes I need to use the attribute's name.

  • @d-healey What if you declare them as global?
    So you could directly access by name:
    script.setAttribute(knb1, 50);

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  • I never thought of that. For my particular project I don't think it's the best solution because I have a lot of scripts and I don't want to pollute the global namespace with all of the controls, but for a smaller project it's definitely a good option. I think I need a new function, something like getAttributeId(). I'm looking at the HISE source now to see if I can figure out how to add it.

  • @d-healey maybe you can just declare an array per script as global for the moment with const var inside... not sure it works though...
    I also tried with a get("id") like solution but it doesn't work so effectively, having an API for this seems a good solution 😉

  • I found a solution!

    I added a getAttributeId function to HISE 😛

  • @d-healey oh your a boss my man! 😮 😎

  • Here's a little snippet to quickly make an organised object containing every attribute ID for every script, indexed by the script's ID.

        //Get MidiProcessors
        const var processorIds = Synth.getIdList("Script Processor");
        const var scriptProcessors = [];
        for (id in processorIds)
        //Get processor addtribute Ids
        const var processorAttributes = {};
        for (s in scriptProcessors) //Each processor
            processorAttributes[s.getId()] = []; //Create array to store attribute IDs
            for (i = 0; i < s.getNumAttributes(); i++) //Each attribute

  • I found this getAttributeId function so useful that I've added one for every scripting element that has a getAttribute function. 🙂

  • @d-healey You rock 😎
    Now we have a new dev, there will be no time between Hise 3 and Hise 4... 🤣

  • @d-healey Wow, this is a game changer for big projects. Super helpful!