Create folder on Users disk, or embed files that are not ".preset" files

  • Lets say a user have one of my plugins installed, and I have updated the plugin with some files that will be written automatically in to a folder that is not present in the users "Application support" for this plugin, is it possible to script the making of a Folder? Or do the user have to make it by her/him self?

    The files that the plugin automatically writes to disk should be placed inside the "User Presets" folder, however it is not ".preset" files, so Hise doesn't automatically embed those files.
    I know that if I make an installer I can make this easy, but I just wonder if it's possible?

    So the questions are

    1. Is it possible to script the making of a folder?
    2. Can I make Hise embed the files so it will placed at the right location inside "User Presets", even if it's not ".preset" files?

  • You need to use an installer

  • @d-healey I see, thank you!
    While I have you here David ๐Ÿ™‚
    If I use


    where do I have to place this function in my code, so that it will run after the plugin has created the "User Presets" folder?

  • So @d-healey is correct - right now an installer is your only way - but I think its clear theres a whole slew of requirements around this "additional content" area.

    So if you are a kontakt developer you will know that there's a local-to-your-instrument Data folder into which you can place anything and there's an api call to read several different file formats, as well as an api to call the OS native save/load dialog.

  • @Lindon Oh I wish Hise could have some of those functions, thank you Lindon!

  • @ulrik I used innoscript to install theupdated dll, while creating and adding the expansion data such as user presets folder etc. takes a min to figure out innoscript but pretty easy once you get it. Thereโ€™s an example in the forum. That is where I started๐Ÿ™‚

    I also hear there may be an easier way in the near future possibly๐Ÿค™

  • @coreyu21 thank you!

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