Does Hise trim Transparency from Png ?

  • I am a bit confused , Importing a png and I cannot get it to fit for some reason.

    It seems that Hise trims transparent parts away from the image , therefore messin up the dimensions for me.

    Unless....which is not unlikely , I am doing something wrong.

    So I have this shaded frame and it looks like this , width is the same as the interface, has transparent parts on the sides.

    When I import into HISE , it looks like the transparent part gets trimmed away? And the image fills the frame . If its supposed to do that , its not very convenient , because it makes it very hard to get to the correct size unless i eyeball it , which has not been successful so far.

    Having said that , I have been working in HISE all day , might just need to take a break 🙂
    Trans 2.jpg

  • No there is no trimming

  • @d-healey ok, weird problem I guess ?

  • Send me the picture and I can test

  • Not sure how to send you ?
    Here it is.Shade.png

    I think I should be able to import without any resizing capabilities.
    Just as is.

  • Works fine for me. Did you remember to set the width and height of the image control in HISE?


  • Yes, it filled out the image panel for some reason and would not be the correct size when set to these dimensions , works now .

    This day has been full of all kinds of woodoo ... hehehe 🙂
    Going to sleep

    Thanks for checking.

  • I import the panel , set it to the correct dimensions. but its off, it subtle but off.
    It should land in exactly the same place .

    Here it is , screen shot from hise overlayed in photoshop , the ridge is the shade layer, its off.
    Photoshop overlay.gif

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