Noob question about scriptnodes.

  • @ustk Yes, I looked at the manual, could not find any way to make the work area larger , guess I will hack around , thanks !

  • From the manual.
    "If you want to learn about the functionality of each node, take a look at the reference manual, otherwise feel free to load up a few example snippets and play around, this might be the best start into the world of scriptnode."

    Does anyone know where i can find any example snippets ?

  • @lalalandsynth In my post above 😉

  • @ustk Yep.. thanks for the link, was hoping there was more basic documentation.
    i guess I am impatient 😉

  • @lalalandsynth In fact, there's no real need for better documentation about the nodes, their function speak for themselves (except for more advanced case like frames for instance)
    To put your hand on a snippet like the chorus above is the better thing to do to understand what is going on.
    The rest is DSP thinking, and for that, no secrets, you must read...
    The basics are chain container, and modchain container.
    Create a basic graph using modulation on one side and filters on the other for instance, after that, add parameters in the main container, connect them to the interface, and your all good
    Almost everything we need is there already except few special things, so practicing for weeks and months is still the only way to progress. At least that's what I did as I had no background...

  • @ustk Awesome , I am sure I can learn to use it , its just super basic things like removing a modulation wire, lol!

    Am I right in assuming I can then export the modules and use them in regular hise ? And can I use this alongside the regular Hise or is it either or ?

  • @lalalandsynth To remove a connection, right click on any modulator like the peak node or on a parameter, in the connection list you can delete it.

    You can export chains containing nodes to create a reusable custom node (so inside scriptnode)

    There's no "regular Hise" against scriptnode, it's a module you can turn in DSP, therefore it is part of the other module system and can be used as such in a project.

  • @ustk said in Noob question about scriptnodes.:

    There's no "regular Hise" against scriptnode, it's a module you can turn in DSP, therefore it is part of the other module system and can be used as such in a project.

    I dont fully understand that sentence . I meant , can I make modules in Scriptnodes that I can use in the HISE i am more familiar with , with the modules that are available there ?
    I guess I a m not sure if the scriptnodes are a separate thing to be used on its own or if they are meant to be implemented with all the other modules.

  • @lalalandsynth Let's take a real example then
    This might be explained another way, but it is how I see things

    You insert a ScriptFX module. In this ScriptFX, you create a DSP. This DSP uses Scriptnode to create a graph of your own FX.
    Now, this ScriptFX becomes like all the other modules. You can access its parameters from your interface for instance.
    In other words, you've just created a custom FX module.
    So you see, it is part of Hise, like the other modules. But it's like the best module you can dream of 🙂
    Same goes for synthesiser modules.

  • @ustk Thanks mate, will do some more testing tomorrow, sounds very exciting .

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