preset pannel modification

  • Hello, I would like to know how I can do this in a simple way to modify the preset panel.
    my preset panel has 3 columns.
    I would like to change the size of the first one (in width). I would also like the text to start instead of the favorites option. currently the size of the preset panel suits me but the entries are not in full and I do not want to enlarge the preset panel.
    I saw that there is documentation to modify that with C ++ but as for me this is Chinese I would like to have a demonstration or a fairly simple explanation. thank you 🙂

  • @yall First, like for all components, you have (rather limited) options you can access to in the property editor

    Then, you can get your hands on the LookAndFeel customisation (LAF is not C++)
    All the necessary examples are in the doc:

    Unfortunately, there's currently no option for column width and favourite icon place, so C++ is still the only way here.

    I take this opportunity to ask @Christoph-Hart a LAF object for the column width
    Same for Midi Learn tile 😉

  • @ustk
    I understand ... but it is too complicated for me ^^

  • @yall

    I understand ... but it is too complicated for me ^^

    You'll need to live without it for now then.

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