Simply missing (strange!?)

  • Thanks for the brilliant work of the developers!
    audio-in is just in main container how get it in one child container in vst effects mode. or maybe I don't know how! can you help me please?

  • @ssyeganeh Effects are using the FX modules chain in the main container only.
    All other containers will be ignored at compile.

  • Thanks for the answer. but as software engineer I'm pretty sure it's very odd!?! Because we are doing the same when playing a file in a child. well in that case I need to modify the code. thank you anyways!

  • @ssyeganeh I think it's just because the audio flow can go up in the tree but not down... Also, I'm pretty sure you can achieve almost any FX project just with the FX chain and scriptnode. At least I can't think of a scenario where you can't do what you need currently. I encountered myself some limitations (that's what I thought) but @Christoph-Hart gave me solutions.
    And if you can modify the code, well sky is the limit 🙂

  • Yes exactly! thanks! you know this containers are like parenthesis in programming when using operators or stack function calls (masterContainer(1st child container(2nd chC(3rd chC(4th chC())))) ). so it is kind of a tree with master container as root and flow is from youngest child to mc. but audio-in naturally comes to mc so with sending it to a child we could have mixed complex signal chains like we have it with basic hise sample player in top child. the true difference between a vsti and vst is mature midi input and lack of audio in. it is like mr. Hart did hardest stuff but simply omitted vst fx perfect capability by limiting it to linear one way root chain of mc!?. The hard part is he made both vsti and vst export available. But as I said, still he did a brilliant job. Hise is truly unique and fast (of course thanks to juce too!).

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