Versioning - and hr1 files...

  • OK so here's something I havent done before -

    I'm updating an app/set of plug-ins, to Version 1.3.0 - so the attribute Preferences>Project>Version> says: 1.3.0

    There is no change to the sample data - its the same as V1.0.0

    -- do I need to re-export my samples to new hr1 files? Or will new customers be able to work with my "old" hr1 files?

    I'm also guessing as

    Users><myname>/AppData/Roaming/ChannelRobot/<product name>

    doesnt include any version numbering then everything should be fine for existing users?

  • @Lindon Everything will be fine, the previous samples can be used as they are.

  • @d-healey thanks Dave.... this ones a small hr1 set - but some others will be a lot bigger so it will be a saving there...

  • @Lindon
    Would there happen to be a forum post on how to bundle an add on version to a previous version of a vst( I couldn’t find one)?
    Do I just package the new hr1 files with the new user presets and have the users overwrite the data, what about GUI controls? Thank you!

  • @coreyu21 well I thinkyou are talking about extensions - and I believe @d-healey is doing a patreon post on that soon - watch out for it.

    But if you just mean a new version of the existing product - it depends:

    • if its just new functionality/UI elements/Presets etc. then a simple install that overwrites the existing product will work fine.

    If you have a whole new set of samples (hr1 files) then you will need to have your install process either:

    • overwrite the existing ch1 files
    • remove the symbolic link to the sample files

    Neither of these come as a given out of the box, but I suggest you include some sort of "reset my product" instructions in your product set anyway - Its singly the biggest support call I get:

    "I've put the samples in the wrong place and now I cant get <product name> to relocate them"

    -- and then they can reuse these instructions to do a "fresh install" which would give the product access to the new samples.

  • @Lindon exactly what I needed. Thank you 🙂

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