Exported plugin crashes because of frame.node...

  • @Christoph-Hart I boxed my whole graph (quite a big one) in a frame.
    Once I noticed a high CPU, I decided to remove it. The consequence is that the exported plugin crashes the DAW instantly (pluginval crashes too, before having any chance to run a test)... Hise works well though.

    I removed that frame node in the xml (it's a hell to do it in Hise because you lose almost all your modulations, and I have a lot...)

    Can it be related to some modchains and signal chains graph designs where using a frame is mandatory?
    Or maybe there're some junks somewhere that keep a trace of the old one?

    I really need to remove that frame because the CPU is just too high...

  • @Christoph-Hart Bumpy bump

  • After countless hours of trying to figure it out, I found something interesting.

    I removed the parent frame and boxed every child chains in separate frame containers in the xml.
    Then I removed them one by one and compiled each time. (My CPU's still red...)
    I finally found that it's because of one unique receive node that needs to have its own frame...

    I probably have between 200 and 300 nodes (among them countless of send/receive) but the last receive needs a frame container...
    Why? Warum? Pourquoi?

  • Bump...
    @ustk I've definitely noticed similar issues with scriptnode frame/node configurations and high CPU..
    Never used anything near 200-300 nodes though so I've managed to live with it or find a comprimise.

    Haven't got a specific example but thought I'd chime in 😉

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