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    OK so Visual Studio 2015 is now pretty hard to get and following the instructions with Visual Studio 2017 results in this message:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Community\Common7\IDE\VC\VCTargets\Microsoft.Cpp.Platform.targets(57,5): error MSB8020: The build tools for v141 (Platform Toolset = 'v141') cannot be found. To build using the v141 build tools, please install v141 build tools. Alternatively, you may upgrade to the current Visual Studio tools by selecting the Project menu or right-click the solution, and then selecting "Retarget solution".

    VS2017 suggests its a successful build - but it isnt - nothing gets built.

  • OK so I found a Visual Studio 2015 here:

    It's not as current a version of VS2015 as is required to do the build but the first time you save and start the IDE from projucer VS2015 will tell you the code you are sending it wont compile without installing an additional set of libraries, just press install, close VS2015, wait for the additional libraries to install and you should be all good to go.

  • Yeah, this is a bit annoying because Microsoft updates Visual Studio a bit too often and it would be far more practical if they run their updates with the same name and overwrite the installation instead of keeping every version around. I recently had to deinstall Visual Studio 2010 because it was still sitting around on my precious SSD wasting space and doing nothing)...

    But I may add support for VS2017 soon (maybe along when I migrate the JUCE version to the newest release).

  • Yeah you can now only download the 2015 version with a subscription - I don't know if it's a paid subscription though -

  • Wow that sucks!

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