Load/Save Dialog

  • OK so now (like many people before me and probably after me) I need to ship some data to users that cannot practically be covered by presets.

    Essentially sequencer and arp data - truck loads of it...

    So leaving aside for the minute the whole installer issues with MacOS, I would also like the user to be able to select one of these data structures , and even save their own.

    I can do this with the JSON file calls....but...I'd really like to have the Kontakt equivalent of the save/load dialog call, so nothing fancy just a call that opens a dialog in the native OS styling to save/load a file.

    I realise this might not b possible for iOS - and its sandboxing approach - but to be honest iOS apps are less than 0.01% of my delivery platforms - and I think it would be pretty low on most peoples agenda too... so if this ONLY works for MacOS, Windows and Linux I'd still be a happy bunny.

    So if someone knows how to do this right now - please let me know, otherwise please up-vote this feature request.

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