Catalina Users, I Need Your Help

  • Hello Everyone.

    MaizeSoft Just Updated It's Maize Sampler App For macOS Catalina, But I Don't Have Another Mac Machine To Check The Compatibility.

    • If Possible Please Download The Zip File >>>

    • Extract And Place The Test.Component File Into Your Components Folder

    • Do A Restart And Let Me Know What Your Daw Says

    Note: Audio Unit Will Show Up Under Au Instruments >>> Testing >>> Test
    Thanks A Ton

  • @Natanr I don't have Catalina installed yet....

    But I can confirm that the instrument shows up fine in Logic 10.3.1 under macOS Sierra 10.12.3

  • Just Installed The New Component In A Catalina And Everything Works Just Fine

    Wish We Had Same Exprience With Hise Without Doing Any Notorization

  • That's what I asked a while ago, does anyone know already if we need to notarize Hise every single time we build? 🤔

  • @ustk The Way Maize Sampler Offers Does Not Need Anything Than Just Export.
    No Apple Developer ID And No Extra BS.

  • @Natanr Maize sampler is not open source, and doesnt include any 3rd-party source code, so it's playing a different game.

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