How do you create an end-user GUI?

  • How do you create an end-user GUI? I know you can hide processors and such, but ultimately the developer will need a way to place knobs from all different scripts/modules/etc. into one cohesive GUI with their company logo, a background, etc.

  • Basically you add your interface scripts in the MIDI chain of the Root container (works only here) and use the API call


    This tells the engine that this script should be used as main interface in the HISE Player VST. You can even use multiple scripts to handle different interface pages (they can be selected with a tab at the finished instrument UI).

    The "House" symbol on the upper right toggles the "Main interface view" - a sort of preview of what you will see in the finished instrument.

    Then you select "Save all samples to global folder" in the context menu of the root container header and it will export the preset with all referenced files into the global HISE folder (with a subfolder of course) and add a entry in the database for the HISE player.

    The HISE player shows the library in the left tab and loads the preset in its rack with the specified scripts as interface and a generic header for stuff like bypass, volume etc.

    This procedure is pretty alpha and will be heavily streamlined. And of course there is the possibility for dedicated plugins.

  • seems like I'm not able to get it to work. Is this correct?

    couldn't paste in forum, maximum characters is 60,000, I needed 101,000+

  • You added the script in the Global Mod container, that's why it doesn't work.



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