Changing CTRL+S shortcut to Save as XML in source?

  • I had an unfortunate event earlier with a corrupted .hip file and no recovery. hours worth of work gone but I did manage to salvage the Vector UI. anyhow:

    Is it possible to change the shortcut CTRL+S to Save as XML from source?

  • @Ensou This has been requested a few times, I second the request 🙂

    Did any of the auto-saves work for you? Do you keep regular backups?

  • @d-healey unfortunately none of the autosaves worked either. when I did an xml recovery, it was missing a lot and there's a lot of character errors.

    Im a first time HISE user so i only really found out that it was more ideal to save as XML.
    I should have listened to your tutorial when you said "save as XML often"

  • add my voice to the chorus too please...

  • what i did was basically salvage anything I could from my interface script but not including the code I suspected that caused the corruption (i started working on user presets so i think i did a stupid code mistake there)

    and then i just rebuild the sampler from scratch as I still remember how I did it quite well. i even made it more efficient

  • Auto-save works, sometimes... I don't understand why, but sometimes it works, sometimes not...
    So now, I am a very CMD+S person 😬
    Instead of linking CMD+S to the xml save, I'd rather like to just add a new shortcut like CMD+SHIFT+S

  • @ustk I think CTRL/CMD+S for XML since this is what we want most of the time, and CTRL/CMD+SHIFT+S for .hip.

  • i think .xml should be the default file format. I like it better. your project components are separate so less room for potential errors that would break the entire project file. (interface.js, etc).

    and even if your main xml is broken, easier to fix than trying to fix .hip. afaik, the .hip file is an archive format.

  • @d-healey Absolutely, whatever shortcut as long as we have both 😉

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