Copy+Paste Elements from one HISE instance to another

  • Hey @Christoph-Hart,
    I feel that we are missing an essential, critical and badly needed function: to copy elements (buttons, panels, sliders...) of a HISE project/instrument to another HISE project.

    I know that you can select several elements within GUI and duplicate them with CTRL+D and that we can copy certain modules to clipboard and paste from there. However, as far as I can tell, there is no way to copy and paste a collection of buttons, sliders, panels from one project to another.
    Currently, if I want to add certain elements from one project onto another one, they need to be manually re-created, which can take hours or longer. This could be done within moments with copy+paste.
    Can you please implement this? 🙏
    Thank you!

  • The simplest solution is to press J on the parent of the thing you want to copy and just copy and paste the JSON to your new project. Or you can open the ui xml file and copy and paste there.

  • @d-healey Thanks. I will try the J thing.
    This sounds like a good candidate for one of your "quick tips" videos on Patreon 😉
    I hope that @Christoph-Hart will implement a straight forward solution for just selecting elements, copy+paste.

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