Q: Different Sample start/end of the same sample for different mapping

  • I have noticed that if I change the sample start/end position of a wave sample, it is changed for every occurrence of that wave sample. Is there a way to have different mapping (or different key assignment) to have different sample start/end?

  • I actually brought this up already - - no in-built solution yet but will be in the future. For release samples I'm exporting a separate set of samples.

  • The problem is that when you duplicate a sample zone (or add a sample multiple times) it will internally share a reference to save memory.

    I could add an option to deactivate this feature globally (for an instrument) so you can use the same sample with different sample start values. However this means that you have a higher memory usage when using the same sample multiple times. There is a third option which is to add the ability of marking samples as "unique", so they won't share a reference, but this is a bit harder to implement.

  • Would it be possible to have a single reference to the sample but add a way for a sample to have multiple start positions and add a value box to allow you to select which start position should be used? This could also be specified via script. It would obviously still need to buffer all start positions that are used.

  • Can't find API function to set sample start with script. Is it possible?
    I'm using loong sus sample and several attacks, and i would to play attacks as RR, and randomly set sample start for sus sample (some times several sus samples have to share one random value).
    So, sus sample will always be 'alive'
    Is it possible?

  • Yes it's possible. You need to add a modulator to the sample start and then with your script you can control the value of the modulator.

  • Do you mean the constant?
    e.g. my random value have to be between 0 and 1?

  • tried to play with constand modulator by hands and nothing changed, it seems... Sample starts from one point

  • aah! samle mod should be set) awesome!

  • You need to apply some sample start mod (s.mod) time to the samples - just like with Kontakt. If you want to use the whole sample then just set this to the full length of the sample but then the whole sample will be loaded into RAM.

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