Exported AU Plugins referencing to other Plugins

  • I have a weird problem where VST FX exports work normally but the AU versions do not.
    Only the first AU Plugin I build after compiling HISE-scriptnode shows up in the DAW. Every other HISE exported AU Plugin seems to refer to the first exported AU plugin.

    So they are all in the Components folder, but whichever I want to open, the DAW thinks they're all the same FX Plug (the first I build after compiling HISE). Its like the AU export messes up something, or I'm doing something wrong.

    Hope this makes sense somehow

  • @clumsybear

    Because you gave the same "Bundle Identifier" and "Plugin Code" to your projects.
    You need to make this parameters specific to each project individually.

    Go to File > Preferences and tweak the options.

  • It's funny man, I was just trying this out 😄


    The Plugin Code was no problem to be changed, but trying to change the Bundle identifier gives me an error where it says it doesn't fit the required format.

    Screenshot 2019-09-12 at 13.46.25.png

  • @clumsybear

    For bundle Identifier parameter, mac sometimes gives this error. This warning doesn't come to other parameters, only this one. It is a bug.

    But you can alternatively edit "project_info.xml" file that located in your project folder. Open it with text editor, find the Bundle identifier parameter and change it, but be so careful.

    For other parameters, you can use Hise 😉

  • @orange so I can ignore the warning or change it in the xml file?

    Thanks again man 🙂

  • @clumsybear After changing the bundle identifier parameter, open Hise again, and check the preferences section, if Hise takes it or not 😉 But you need to be careful while editing, it needs to be in reverse domain format: for example "com.AbcAudio.awesomefx" 😉

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