When the new version is going to be released?

  • I've tested the latest build, I created a sample based instrument, added effects, created a simple interface and saved my project. Everything went fine and I didn't found any bugs. I'm highly interested in testing the next beta or buy the v1 of Hise. I love the sound of it and the latest build was stable enough for me. It's a very exciting project for me as I see a lot of possibilities, ie: create complex instruments with effects and advanced behavior.

    The scripting part of Hise is great too. 🙂

    The only thing I haven't tried is exporting a plugin. Does it work?

    In any case, I'm looking forward the next version with great excitement and I'll be willing to pay quite a lot of money for a "developer version" of Hise if I can export plugins with it.

  • Here's a build from a couple of days ago - it doesn't have the new DSP peak meter though as that was added after I made this build.

    You can build it yourself from the GitHub repository, there are instructions there 🙂 I haven't tried exporting a plugin yet but I'm sure I read a post where someone else had done it successfully.

  • Nice to hear and yes, I am going to upload a new build version shortly, but thanks David for uploading the most recent build.

    The reason why the frequency of the builds is getting slower is because every build somehow launches a news entry on KVR and consorts, and I don't want to spam this with a new version every 3 days.

    But it's taking big leaps to the 1.0 version right now - I am currently finishing up the first 3rd party library that will be released on February 15th, and from this date on, HISE should ready for production.

    And you can already export instruments, although you have to setup your compile chain. The best way is trying to compile HISE from the GitHub code - there is a pretty clear instruction list how to do that and if you manage to build HISE, you have all tools ready to compile instruments.

  • Great!! I'm going to try that, thank you for your effort, it's really appreciated.

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