Alternatives to Knobman / WebKnobman?

  • All,

    I've been using Knobman for several years now, and more recently WebKnobman- due to OSX compatibility issues with the standalone app. This is a great program and web app, but as my clients needs and design ideas have expanded, I have run into some limitations with it.

    About a year ago, I started creating knobs in After Effects & Illustrator, and then using various texture packers and filmstrip compilers such as StripGenerator from WavesFactory. This can be tedious at times, with mixed results.

    I wanted to find out what everyone else is using or if anyone had alternative methods for knob and slider creation. Also, besides nomenclature, is there difference between "sprite sheets" and "filmstrips". Are they interchangeable terms?

    As always, your comments and recommendations are greatly appreciated.

  • @SonoLuminus I'm afraid I can't help much, but I agree, JKnobman is quite old now, and not always very responsive (laggy) when you have more than 10 layers...
    I didn't jump into after effect or illustrator because of the learning curve, I have so much to work on already. So I'm very hopeful someone will release a Jknobman on steroid one day! maybe Hise will have it included in future version 6.5 😂
    And for what I understand, both terms are describing the same thing...

  • I'm using Inkscape. Creating knob animation strips is easy using the tiled clone tool. I haven't tried it with sliders yet but I imagine it will be pretty easy too.

  • I've gone full 3D modeling with Blender. The options are limitless and results are superb!

  • For 3D GUI stuff; I use Cinema 4D (with Octane Renderer) + After Effects (with Sheetah - Spritesheet Tools) + Photoshop & Illustrator. Sometimes not Sheetah, WavesFactory StripGenerator instead.

    For Vectoral GUI stuff: Hise has cool features for it. 😉

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