AU Validation Crash

  • So I've been trying to experiment with your project, and I do like its potential. Unfortunately, while I have made a decent prototype of what I'd like to make, the problem is that, when I export my instrument as an AU plugin, loading it in Logic will crash the AU validation process. I find this particularly troubling because I tried to also load it in a JUCE-based AU host included with the main JUCE library, and it loaded fine in that. I do know, from what I've seen, that when loaded in Logic, it will only give me the option for Mono and Stereo instead of the multi-output HISE advertises, and when I try to load the plugin in Mono, it crashes the whole DAW.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    System Details: Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11), HISE 0.99 Build 647 Standalone. My version of Logic, for that matter, is 10.3.0.

  • Hi Cyberdyne,

    the channel configuration is exactly the cause of the AU crash (it "preshadows" of what is happening in Logic). I noticed this too and fixed it in on of the latest GitHub commits:

    The problem is that with the newest JUCE version it should handle the channel configurations automatically, but somehow this isn't the case and it allows a mono channel configuration which HISE doesn't support - it is currently hardcoded to stereo only because I really don't see any benefit of having a mono sampler :).

    But be aware that the current version of HISE only supports one stereo channel as output configuration. The "multi channel layout" that is "advertised" refers to the internal multi channel system (which currently has to be mixed down to a stereo channel):


    It is absolutely no big deal to add multi channel layouts (it's on my todo list for a longer time to allow real multitimbral sample libraries) and if that's something you need I'll try to implement it in the near future.

    Meanwhile, if you pull and build the latest HISE version, it should compile fine and pass auval.

  • First of all, thanks for the quick response.

    I was scared initially, but then it turned out I was replacing my old files with more old files (I have duplicates for backup purposes). It validates fine now!

    Thanks also for the clarification about multi channels. Rest assured, I only need stereo output, and I only brought it up because the JUCE AU host ended up listing an arbitrary nine outputs for the plugin.

  • Does it still list 9 channels with the latest version?

  • I regret to say I just left the house for the weekend, so you'll have to wait until Monday before I can confirm how many outputs are listed in the JUCE plugin host. Logic itself is fine now, though!

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