Feature Request(s): Component Coordinates & Component ID/Basic Properties Text Relationship

  • Greetings,

    Below are a few items I would like to see added/changed/fixed in future builds:

    Components Coordinates(x,y) can be erratic when parenting and unparenting. After moving objects around in the root structure often reassigns these object negative x & y values, causing items to disappear from the canvas.
    Would it be possible to set a restriction to limit objects to x0,y0 after a move or better yet, have them remain in place with a new coordinates reference based on where they land in the root structure?

    A second change or feature I would like to see implemented is for the Text field in the "Basic Properties" to hold its contents when changing the "Object ID" name. This currently resets / is empty after changing any object ID.

    These are all minor, picky requests; however they would help speed up my process greatly.

    As always, I am greatly appreciative of @Christoph-Hart and the entire Hise.audio Community!


  • @SonoLuminus I agree with you it is annoying to see the component to disappear when you change the parent, and I am sure it is not hard to fix. But imagine the coordinates are set by a script, the problem would be the same...

    If you hit enter after changing the text, updating the ID doesn't change it. However, what I find annoying is that you lose the focus of the property editor when changing the ID. That is said, you need to perform all the modifications before and the ID at last.

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