How to debug?

  • After hours trying to debug my project, it is still crashing here and then (between 20sec and 1-2min) both Hise and the export in standalone.
    The fact is that I can't use the print function since Hise crashes instantly
    So the ideal thing would be at least to set some markers in every function and log them... But how do I do that?

    I know there are some debugging options to tick and that I will need to compile Hise in debug mode but...
    How do I proceed? (not for compiling, I already know how to do that)
    Could someone explain to me the different steps, please?

  • Ok so I found out how to use the debugger log in the plugin
    but as my plugin is automatic (most of the time is spent in the main routine via a timer then a paint routine for the main animation),
    nothing is logged... so the workaround I found is to insert a slider and set its value at every key point of the code, so now I know where it crashes... It works but I'm sure it is very dirty job...
    @Christoph-Hart Is there any way I can set a marker in the code that shows in the log?

  • @ustk you can write to a JSON file

  • @d-healey Trying that right now! thanks!

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