Wavetable Synthesizer. [HQ] Toggle = "red button"?

  • Win7 / 6.1.7601 / b647 / Standalone and as plug / x86
    Toggle [HQ] ON - HISE plays
    Toggle [HQ] OFF - HISE doesn't play, and it crashes (with host)
    Uncheck then check (make active [HQ] button) — HISE doesn't crash.

  • Thanks, I'll fix that with the next commit.

  • The second red button (I mean bug | crash):
    Try to Add new ModulatorMeter in Table Index, Global Modulators, Group Fade, Script Chains, etc...:
    Scipt Voice Start Modulator (Sample Start, Pitch Modulation, Attack Time Modulation, etc..)
    Script Time Variant Modulator
    Script Envelope Modulator
    Script FX [ for FX ]
    P.S. Is here any script templates for Audio FX (how to "filter" | "delay"...)?

  • This is the most simple low pass filter implementation imaginable:

    reg lastValueL = 0.0;
    reg lastValueR = 0.0;
    reg thisCutoff = 0.0;
    reg invCutoff = 0.0;
    const var Cutoff = Content.addKnob("Cutoff", 0, 0);
    // [JSON Cutoff]
    Content.setPropertiesFromJSON("Cutoff", {
      "min": 0.01,
      "max": 0.99,
      "middlePosition": 0.1
    // [/JSON Cutoff]
    function prepareToPlay(sampleRate, blockSize)
    function processBlock(channels)
    	thisCutoff = Cutoff.getValue();
    	invCutoff = 1.0 - thisCutoff;
    	for(sample in channels[0])
    		sample = thisCutoff * sample + invCutoff * lastValueL;
    		lastValueL = sample;
    	for(sample in channels[1])
    		sample = thisCutoff * sample + invCutoff * lastValueR;
    		lastValueR = sample;
    function onControl(number, value)

    However, iterating over every sample and process it is where a weakly typed language like Javascript comes to a performance bottleneck - this example needs about 2% while the CPU usage of native code of the same functionality should be totally neglectible. So for now it's OK to play around with it (and prototype new algorithms), but I wouldn't consider using it in an actual instrument.

    I am planning to offer a collection of basic DSP building blocks that can be assembled via scripting (just like REAKTOR or MAX). The basic API is already there, but creating all those little modules will take a while...

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