Bypassing sampler = -255 voices

  • I have a preset that loads up and my script checks what sample maps should be loaded for that preset. If it finds that a sample map isn't available for the preset it bypasses the associated sampler. However this has resulted in some weird stuff happening like other samplers being purged and the performance meter showing a voice count of -255. So I removed the code that bypasses the sampler and all is well.

    Is there any performance difference between a bypassed and an unbypassed sampler with an empty sample map?

  • Yes there is. It's not too huge, but it might stack up to a non-trivial amount if you use > 16 samplers.

    If you can come up with a minimal example, I am happy to take a look what's wrong there.

  • Here you go -

    Just build the plugin and open it in a daw. It will bypass the sampler when the plugin runs and the performance meter should show something like -987 voices.

  • Any idea if this problem was fixed? Seems I deleted whatever file was linked to but I can make another test if needed.

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