Compiling on windows question.

  • So I compiled on Mac with no issues and was able to locate my vst and AU files. I also compiled on Windows with no issues according to Visual Studio. However on Windows where did the .vsti file go? I checked the compiled folder and I see a .dll file. What am I missing?

    Thanks in advanced!

  • A plugin on windows is usually a .dll file. See if you can get it to load up in a daw on windows.

  • @jssrecording yep what @Dalart said - you are going the exact opposite way to me, I managed my first compile of a vst on a mac and said "hey, where did the dll go?"

    Just move the .dll file to the vst folder you specified in your DAW. The window compile process is a bit less friendly that the MAC (which puts your au or vst file in the correct place). So you need to manually (or using your own installer program..) move the plugin file to the correct location.

    Of course for those of us sending our compiled output off to a bunch of beta testers having Hise/the Mac put VSTs and AUs in different spots take some getting used to.

  • Thanks @Dalart & @Lindon! This is all less greek to me now.


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