Anyone here use Patreon?

  • @d-healey I never used Patreon. Despite that I think it's a great idea. Also maybe as a paid subscription. Something in the 5/20 usd monthly range. I bet many of us will pay that to learn what you know about your Hise.

    Also a paid support service (i.e. someone to get things done or fixed on Hise on demand)

  • It seems like a great idea, I would at least be one of the "newbies" paying for you knowledge.
    I don't know anything about Patreon though.

  • @d-healey I've seen you can sort the posts by older dates first.
    Combined with tags like ("step 1-5" or "beginner", etc...), I think it should be quite easy to find what you need...

  • @ustk Oh excellent, thanks for checking that out for me. I didn't realise there was a tagging system. Looks like Patreon will probably be a good fit then, I like the general idea of it.

  • Yep definitely, and they seem to have different business model scheme, you should have a look
    Overall the system seems to be quite open/adaptable...

  • @d-healey Yeah good idea. But if I'll publish tons of video lessons, I would go with a Video Course website (with a theme like THIS - I think you know wordpress) with a subscription model 😉

  • @orange Thanks, I'll check that out. I'm not so sure I fancy running my own subscription site but it might be the right choice.

  • @d-healey Yeah, your concept is not limited about sample library development, but also coding, sampling, even gui design..etc. Good luck man 😉

    By the way there are really good video course shop templates:

  • @orange I was very tempted by the course templates but as I was planning my videos I realised that a course structure was not the right approach for me after all. This is what I did for my Kontakt series and it was good then. But as updates were added to Kontakt I couldn't easily update my videos so I had to make new video series, which takes a lot of time (writing, recording, editing, re-recording 😉 ) . It also meant I had to charge a reasonable price for them, which is fine, but it means fewer people have access to them.

    Using patreon I'll be able to release videos that are up to date with the latest developments in HISE and other sample library related software that I use. So I won't have to create a collection of videos in one go that might contain out of date information a few months later. Doing it this way I'll also be able to charge considerably less and give more people access to the videos.

    So I've setup a Patreon page, it's not public yet but I have a private link I can share with you guys before I start adding content and launch it. I'd appreciate your feedback on the page description and the tier levels/rewards.

  • @d-healey I wish good luck to you man, great news 😉

  • @d-healey Looking good! I'll be signing up 🙂

  • @d-healey yeah looks good David, let us know how it goes...

  • @d-healey looks so convicent. Very professional. I like it!!!!!

  • Thanks for the feedback guys. I've made a few changes to the page, simplified the tiers, and added some initial posts. The page has now been quietly launched. I'm not making a big announcement or anything, at least not yet, because there isn't much content there are the moment, but I'm working on it and will be updating the page regularly over the next few weeks. I'm also creating some detailed tutorials to which patrons will get early access, I'm in the process of writing the scripts and will start recording next week. -

  • It seems like a great idea! I'm interested

  • Hi,

    The video for June is now complete and scheduled to be released on Patreon on the 1st of the month at 6pm BST.

    It's an intermediate level class, runs just under an hour, looking at how to write scripts more efficiently i.e. how to write less code that does more stuff.

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  • @d-healey Your Patreon page will be very useful to many, I am sure. I just subscribed.

    What would be most helpful to me (and probably to others) is hiring you for solutions. While it is nice knowing various things and having different skills, sometimes you just need to get things done. I would pay fairly for a solution that would normally consume hours of my time to figure out (if possible at all), while you could get it done quickly.

    A few times you provided me help on the forum, I would have rather paid you (quite happily) for finished working solutions. You could make nice $$$, while saving me a lot of time. I know that learning is beneficial, but I am not really trying to become a software developer 🙂

  • @gorangrooves said in Anyone here use Patreon?:

    @d-healey Your Patreon page will be very useful to many, I am sure. I just subscribed.

    Thank you! 🙂

    What would be most helpful to me (and probably to others) is hiring you for solutions.

    I get a lot of requests for this but I generally don't have the time or the interest. Also I only write free software which few people are interested in developing for commercial purposes.

    I am considering creating some pre-built rompler type things though that people could use as a starting point for developing their own projects. If I come up with a decent template I'll post it on this forum.

  • July's video has now been posted. It's a 1.5 hour introduction to HISE scripting. Here are the topics that I discuss:

    • Callbacks
    • Variables
    • Data types
    • Arrays
    • Object
    • Operators
    • If/logical operator
    • Ternary operator
    • Else if
    • Switch statement
    • For loop
    • For in loop
    • While loop
    • Functions

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