Step-Based LFO - loops

  • OK, so I have a few feature requests so I thought I'd get them up and we can talk about them - or Christoph can yes or no them.

    I'd like the step-based LFO to change from having a loop (on/off) button to have a loop step number. This would be the position the LFO looped back to. So you could have (using scripting) an LFO with (say) 120 steps, and set the loop point to any value between 1 (the current functionality) to 120( essentially play-thru-once or loop = OFF).

    Clearly the current functionality just loops back to the first step if loop = on, else it stays at the last value set.

    I use this A LOT in my modulation systems and its very flexible for very little CPU cost, you can build a modulator with a specific shaped attack portion then a repeating body portion.

    Unless of course this is already done (often the case in stuff I ask for) and I dont know about it.

  • @Lindon bump...

  • @Lindon Have you got an audio example of what you've done with this technique?
    I've never used it, it seem to be really interesting

  • @ustk its all ove r our Kontakt products....chk Kontakt Hub

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