Changing sample's RR group

  • I've found a circumstance under which selecting samples in the mapping editor and changing their RR group via the value selector doesn't work.

    • To recreate you need to add a sampler and give it more than one RR group.
    • Then map some samples using the token parser - do not map anything by RR group
    • When it says do you want to change the number of RR groups click Cancel
    • If you select the mapped samples and try and change their RR group it won't work

  • Yes because you can only select groups which are less than the current RR amount. If you press Cancel it still has only 1 group.

  • So the solution would be to not change the number of groups until all the samples are loaded in?

  • Ah ok now I get it. It might be the case that if you say cancel it resets the group amount to 1, which would be pretty annoying. i'll take a look.

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