Major MIDI automation bug

  • @gorangrooves I just tested with the latest build and I get the same issue.

    When you tested did you see this when you reloaded the preset after saving it


    Or did you see this


  • @d-healey I did not see any values under the CC, Parameter etc. either prior to saving or after. It would just save the status of the nob to wherever I would put it.

  • @gorangrooves But did it says Knob1 in the parameter column?

  • No. It doesn't have the second column. Only the first one with CC#, Parameter, Inverted...

  • @d-healey I tested it and have the same result you have:

    • nothing in the parameter column
    • HISE crashes as soon as you move the knob...

  • @d-healey
    Well, it seems your preset/archive (still don't know how to call it 😇 ) is corrupted for some reasons...
    I just made a snippet of my own and it works (HISE dev branch 4 April)

    HiseSnippet 857.3ocsV0sSaCCE1FpYqcv1PhGfdIHwlZY.aRSZTnzhp3upEFZ2gbSbasvwtJwAnCgzlzdd1Kvtg62Kw1avdCXGmj1XfBidA4ty+e93y4yoYfxkEFpBP37GzuGCgml3zWp6VsKkKQM1DgmknYg5hzHsxmp4JIZi98nggLODFO4VF2v4ygh+96ZaPEToKKSEBcnh6x1g6y0YZaVYatPTm5wNf6a48xUZ3pjUUBUD.oIIkP8ntGS6v1iZbaBBBOUMOtVE3no.tP3ban756zUcpLw+C4g7VBlQnLxARTh55JgmAwFsnpc4BulCN5gHHKMyZDSlzHlirK2iOTeVC4kwFJlEgc+.Ow8Aux1vqzCGdXK3kKAdyRbbC38zYVLX6YjFRMKnMEtBrgUhuH7OIUUfCR8q8oGypG.BCCX9UKUZwhqTpzBuucjz0bUWTI2SoY6KmegBmWHegKJbSKsaOJSlhDnDBVvnrZtxCtmvlWF42hErXwSnhH1.+fS90asj6t0Zey6lbfsbTIaH4586wj2UCGk1kLs9TPAtpia7OOsw6H3dr.DG5uOgrsT0pLJFuYCy+dMzmZrIUSGjFHiPU5wBzbyA.uI6DX0H49LOYSV3wZUOXJupxumRZpON2+snmMrfWRqzenvWqWAYkmo0oC0I4otPA6xxNGvgFlIaufXqxNqnOXkUnDoGjDTmrKrCiFHaRkLApUmAKu4mZ.A.Wy7yz9qKu5pqqcIa0Z1YZ6TjnMtKhmhb9LEt.cJ2S2cHjJ9sJcY7NcyXWtTTAc6EF.pJuHAUe8cYCAVpgaxsY1LjgbceaBtGkE7GJbmkzjqc6NZ7NwHvKL48Xi2T5xYH0Z2l4py.aNR8O+3yMh9nJxL1tKUGvgoVxdQ9NvziKCPhDFIMLE3IL6zIxkLxlNiCS5EKbE7kZrrQFmZr7.iHepaf5H2Dl.Cg7Si0.XRF+tTdxtF4hCo.L31G1LNx00zHdEf7QGwRicDuYriX4wNhUF6HVcri3sicDu6dhvPCsd1unjwaCuAAOKZKPvEt9Dr8ilwUpgzic1fKeXZMPauQUS5YSHTORHtkOFk2vOmiYmZKGWS3.Yzc9b+Xq+7kuu15ZXHtUjlkQu2PdB7dQxBDZ2l0RXBw0jTXUIQ6+..DWZB

    I noticed your knob step size was weird, but even when changing it didn't do the trick...

  • Ok, here's what I found
    Your snippet works as well when you remove the knob from the panel.
    As soon as you're placing it inside a panel, learnCC, save, reopen, move the knob, HISE crashes...

  • @ustk yeah I already said that 😉 but thank you for testing and confirming the issue

  • @d-healey said in Major MIDI automation bug:

    @ustk yeah I already said that 😉 but thank you for testing and confirming the issue

    oh yes... you did... Had nothing much to do this morning anyway 🙃

  • @Christoph-Hart Bump bump

    The only work around I've found so far is to move all of the controls out the panel. But I really don't want to do this as I'm using the panel's enabled property to control the enabled state of a lot of controls. If I get rid of the panel them I'm going to have to set the state of each control individually.

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