Is you compile failing in this way? Read on...

  • So this is more a note to the unwise (which was me until a few moments ago) than a problem:

    Ok, so I have an instrument that works fine in HISE stand alone, but it now fails to compile with these errors:

    alt text

    -- hmm ugly...

    It once had a Convolution reverb in it - and there were a LOT of impulse files so it kept "heap size failing"

    I read here that I needed to turn off Embed Audio Files, the thread points at documentation I cant find for this however. (can someone point me at the documentation about what to do if I have a LOT of Audio files/Graphics files?)

    I removed the Convolution reverb and all its IRs and replaced it with a Simple Reverb, and it was giving me the above problems, but... soon as I turned "Embed Audio Files" back on it worked fine - even tho I have no Audio Files to embed....

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