Interface Editor component list not in sync with property editor?

  • Hello,
    I am following the Hise Tutorial and have question regarding the Interface editor.

    When I add an Image and rename it in the property editor its component is not renanamed:

    alt text

    When creating that Image there is no popup asking for a name as shown in the tutorial, nor is code added to the code editor.

    Is there another way to rename components (besides coding manually) ?

    Besides that some parts of the tutorial are no longer valid no ? eg there is no longer a toolbar in the InstrumentGUI like pianokeys etc..

    Parameter Connection Wizard isn't there anymore either ?

  • @daslicht top right in your image -- ID (?) Image1

    Change this to whatever you want.

    the text (which I see you have changed to "bgImage") doesnt change the id of the component.

    Oh and dont forget to hit <enter> after you've changed the name - clicking off the text entry ignores your change..

  • Another method is to select the component in the widget list and hit F2, you'll get a popup to enter the new ID.

  • @Lindon Thank you, for what ever reason I interpreted that files (id) as search input.

    Is it normal that no code is generated if you add an component in the visual editor?

  • @daslicht The code (JSON) is still generated, it's just hidden. If you select a control in the widget list and press J you will see it.

  • @d-healey thank you.

    So items created with the UI editor are created as XML in (if project is named test):



  • @daslicht Yes

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