Scripting sample maps

  • Hi!

    I'm looking for a very specific workflow and I was thinking about coding my own sampler using JUCE, but that's very much reinventing the wheel, right..! Now that I found HISE, I'm hoping I can bend it to my needs, even thought they are not run of the mill 'sampler' workflows.

    Essentially, I need to script the sample map, but i've not seen this possibility so far.

    The idea I want to try is composing using pieces of songs. You start with randomly assigning a bunch of .wavs to keys, with random start position for each.

    After 'testing' the random sample map by playing with it, you could then choose to rerun the randomization for all the keys you don't like .

    Is that possible ? If not, what would be the best pattern to extend HISE to support that ?

    ex :

    • Fork the sampler module ?
    • Add scriptability to the existing one ?
      • Where would that task take place exactly ? Would it make sense to simply add new functions in ScriptingApi.cpp, which I could use in some handlers, like OnController/OnInit ?

    Amazing software by the way, I'm baffled this kontakt alternative even exist !


  • You can already change sample properties using scripting calls. Check this topic:

  • I think all you need to do is generate a random array that will remap each key press, rather than changing the sample map itself

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