Persistence values - still cant get this to work

  • @Christoph-Hart said in Persistence values - still cant get this to work:

    But what exactly is the hiccup we‘re talking about here? As soon as you set properties with a script, you obviously can‘t change it on the interface designer anymore because it would get overwritten each time you recompile the script.

    If you want to batch process widgets once via script but then keep on editing the properties, wrap the property changes into a function and call it once, then comment it out so you can access them in the interface designer again.

    Christoph I don't saying you souldn't take off the old way, I'm agree with you about creating averything through code writing is better and powerful (I started in that way before the RAD Ides), but why we need, so, to get a widgets palete? I thought it's no useful (it's only my personal opinion, don't take it as a request or a criticism) 😉

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