Analyser/EQ Tiles scale alignement

  • Problem 1
    The analyser and EQ floating tiles don't have the same frequency scale/calibration when overlapped.
    so the EQ curve is not aligned with the audio

    alt text

    currently, I am aligning them by the mean of a 30Hz + 10kHz wave file, and arrange visually the two tiles:

    alt text

    the smaller/inner tile is the EQ tile (grid), the outer/bigger is the analyser tile
    It would be cool to have them with the same calibration, so we can just set the two tiles with the same size

    Also, as a cool feature, it would be cool to have the possibility to set the gain sensibility of the analyser.

    Problem 2
    I also have a strange thing that is happening.
    sometimes, when controlling the EQ effect via a script object like a knob or any .setAttribute, the curve is not in sync with the node in the FX module (neither with the Freq knob)
    For instance, the script, the node, and the freq knob are set to 10kHz, but the curve (and the actual eq correction) shows about 11kHz.
    It doesn't happen every time, but when it happens, there is no other solution than to remove the module and create a new one.

    alt text
    here the labels, the knob and the script are set to round frequencies, but the curve and corrections are higher...
    relaunching Hise and the preset doesn't change anything
    Although, I have never seen this when connecting via the property editor processorId

  • @Christoph-Hart Hi, is there any correction planned on this?

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