Traversing the tree

  • Could we have some functions to traverse the tree structure in a more generic fashion. For example, I have a container with several samplers in it, I want to be able to put a script in the container that will add a modulator to each sampler - but I don't want to have to put in the name of each sampler one at a time I would like to just go through all the child samplers of the container. Perhaps we could have functions like next child and previous child - a bit like with traversing the DOM in web design.

  • Since the patch structure is a tree this will be pretty trivial to implement. I'll add something.

    BTW there are many changes I made from your requests since the last build. Do you need a new build version? Another possibility would be to compile HISE for yourself so you always have the newest version.

  • Thanks, I've just built it (first time I've tried) and it seems to be working .

    Here is an example of the kind of thing I'm hoping to do with such functions:

    In this example I had to specify each modulator in the script but it will be great when this script can just inserted in the container and it will add the modulators itself.

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