Panning Samples via Slider

  • Can anyone point me in the right direction of writing a script to pan samples via a slider by note or sample name? I am attempting to create a simple drum sampler for some processed "mix ready" drum kits, and the only options really needed are an interactive interface that users could pan cymbals and set the volume level of each drum. I already have the kits mapped out and they contain 4 round robin groups (ie Snare, Kick, Rack Tom, Floor Tom, and Individual Cymbals all mapped under one Sampler for convenience sake, so example C3 is a Kick, D3 is a Snare, etc.), and a simple GUI that allows the user to choose the a kit via a drop-down menu, while allowing to preview each sample by clicking on the appropriate drum (ie clicking the click produces the kick sample). The only thing I am currently lacking and seem to be stuck on is some sliders so the individual can pan the cymbals how they wish, and possibly the ability to route in their DAW each to their own channel (ie: Kick, Snare, Toms, Cymbals) however the later is not as important of a feature right now being they're processed.

    Thank you!

  • Use one sampler per drum type.

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