Console error - highlight in code

  • The console gives line and column numbers for error. The line numbers are there in the script editor so that's helpful but there isn't a way (as far as I'm aware) to move the cursor automatically to the column number. It would be good if the right click context menu in the console code be used to select an option to highlight an error's line in the script editor and automatically move the cursor to the indicated column.

  • Alright, I added this. You can now double click on the console error message and it should jump to the faulty location. It should also handle external files (so when the error occurs in a external file, it will open a popup editor).

    While I was at it, I improved the clarity of some error messages. When a script logic error occurs (eg. noteOff is deprecated...), it didn't print the code location. I needed to inject a tiny overhead to the scripting engine for this because it needs to keep track of the current location, but this will be deactivated when you compile plugins (just like the rest of the scripting safe checks).

    It's getting time for a new build...

  • This is excellent 🙂

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