Hey @Christoph-Hart, the hi-hat choke script you provided a while back has been working great for the regular hi-hat. I have since created an advanced version for variable hats which has several stages of open and close (tight, close, 25% open, 50%, 75%, 100% open). These are nested containers and I switch between them using CC64 controller. I have altered your original choke script to allows CC64 to choke notes. It works great. Now, the next step where I am failing is that I am trying to add a choke script on the parent container (that contains 6 child containers) which would choke a note using another note. Basically, the same as what we achieved with your original script. However, it is not working properly. It starts working, then it fails. It gives me a number of warnings, such as: Shank100 Script:! onNoteOn() - Line 28, column 36: Illegal operation in audio thread: String creation {U2hhbmsxMDAgU2NyaXB0fG9uTm90ZU9uKCl8NzQ0fDI4fDM2} The line of code in question is: Synth.addVolumeFade(eventId, decayValue, -100); This happens for all child containers that get played once I start using the controller. This "choke by controller" script is present in 4 child containers and works great until the parent "choke by note" script is enabled. I am guessing that there is some sort of double volume fade clash, but I don't know how to go around it. Can you help, please? Thank you!