Filmstrip creation

  • Hi all,

    Recently moved from Kontakt over to Hise. Absolutely loving it, so much easier / faster! One thing I was wondering is if anyone could help me with is the filmstrips for custom knobs etc.

    Are you all still using Knobman? Or is there another technique, in Illustrator or Photoshop? If there is, could anyone point me towards a tutorial, or give me an idea as to how you go about it?


  • @jon83 In HISE you can create custom controls using panels. These controls are vector images so will scale perfectly to any size without blurring, in fact this has been discussed recently -

    You can of course use film-strips too. Knobman is the old favourite, I also like to create them in Inkscape which has some handy tools for cloning objects with slight adjustments (like rotating a knob over the course of 127 frames 🙂 ) There's probably similar functions in illustrator.

  • Perfect, I hadn't seen that! Thanks very much. The paint routine is totally new to me, I've read the script panels manual, but it's still not fully clicked yet. Will have a read through that post, hopefully will make more sense. There's a post linked below with a 3D style knob, right at the bottom, created in Illustrator. Cant seem to figure out whether it's just a case of copy and pasting 127 different knob states, or it's done by an easier way?

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