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  • I can't for the life of me figure out to add a script processor built item e.g. slider to an existing interface. What am I doing wrong?

    alt text

  • I think my interface designer tutorials will help you -

  • David, thanks I've watched those multiple times and they are very useful. I know there's many ways to skin a cat in Hise and that can be a source of frustration as well as a god send.

    In this thread about filter modes drop down,

    Christoph has kindly supplied some scripting BUT I don't know how to connect it to a pre-existing combo-box on the interface. So, I've trawled through a lot of stuff and the best I can grasp so far is to use the midi processor script mode to build/add a combo box that I can try and script. But I can't even get the graphic to appear on the interface 😬 let alone actually try to program the combo box. 😵

  • @tod-slaughter To add controls to the front interface script you use the interface designer, don't add the controls via scripting (only do this for other scripts that aren't part of the main interface). You can preview the interface by clicking the house icon on the top menu bar or by going to view and selecting add interface preview.

    You can link controls on your main interface to controls in other scripts either by assign them as parameter IDs in the interface designer property list (on the right hand side) or by scripting custom callbacks for the controls on the interface.

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