Documentation issues

  • I am going through the docs now having done the codecademy javascript run through.
    I will note any issues here.
    First off, all the imagery is missing from the module reference page (Not sure if that is important, but anyway)

  • In the HISE manual
    The Process Header

    [+] is listed as delete
    I am going to guess those are wrong haha

    This link is 404, would really like to look at that list of API calls 😞
    (Sorry, but the "press escape" thing makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to a newb, a lot of the documentation is pretty poor for newbs, but that is to be expected i guess)

    Just in case a newb is reading this and needs the info
    1 Open HISE
    2 In the master chain make sure you have MIDI selected and create a new Script processor
    3 Click so that the input cursor is flashing, press escape, a list of API calls will appear

  • What is a project?

    Depending on your deploying target, a project can be one of these two things:

    A compiled VST / AU plugin
    A library in the HISE Player
    There are export tools for both deploymend targets, but the workflow during development will be the same for both options. The only difference is that a HISE Player library can contain multiple presets while a plugin consists only of one preset.

    This is in the project management blog entry, and it sounds very ominous
    Only one preset in a compiled plugin ?
    Is this a limitation that will be removed at some point, a sample library plugin with one preset is about as useful as a chocolate tea pot !!

  • As per usual, posted this in documentation, it ended up here.
    This forum is useless as it stands now.

  • Forum's still working fine for me. There is a list of API calls available within the HISE interface. I find this to be the best resource for API documentation

  • First of all thanks for going through that stuff in detail. I'll try to fix everything you mentioned here.

    As David said, the best way to learn the API is the searchable list in the left panel of HISE (you can right click on a item and it will display a popup with more information).

    The forum will be fixed when I find the time, together with resolving the DNA stuff so you don't have to type a IP in the address bar like it is 1982 - but I'd rather spend my time on actual software development :). Until this is the case, you can work around the wrong category index by just selecting the category after the one you want to use.

    The project management blog entry is correct, there is only one preset per plugin, but Preset is a bit misleading (a preset is the instrument you build with HISE), because you can load multiple sample maps into an HISE instrument as well as User Presets, which are a collection of settings of the scripted main interface.

  • Aha, thanks for the info about the API list, I am avoiding booting HISE for a couple of days until i have read whatever i can find of use.

    Let me know if you want a hand with the website and such Christopher, would be no bother to me and to be fair I would rather you are updating HISE too hahahaha
    I create tutorials on Youtube and so on anyway, and run a bunch of sites, so if you need any help just give me a yell 😉

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